How do Fintech Companies Use AI to Improve Business?

How do Fintech Companies Use AI to Improve Business? AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence, has integrated into many of our everyday functions even though we may not have noticed it yet. Virtual mobile assistants and chatbots are some of the ways AI has been integrated in facilities available today. Apart from the completion of […]

The Rise of Fintech in India

The Rise of Fintech in India Traditional financial services, over the years, have undergone a transformation globally that has been brought about by innovative ideas and technology. In 2015, more than 12,000 Fintech start-ups popped up in the world with a huge investment of USD 19 billion. Most Fintech companies in India are still at […]

Currency Notes – A Thing of Past?

The evolution of commerce has come a long way ranging from barter, to use of cattle and cowries and so on; until we settled for coins and notes as commonly traded forms of currency to complete a transaction. Introduction of plastic money was a lighthouse innovation in the financial services industry, enabling people to transact […]

Micro-services on the Cloud

One thing that fascinates us all about monolithic structures is that how such grand structures are made from a single stone. But the very fact that they were monoliths has made them relics now as they could not be changed or moved by the passing time. Similar thing is happening to the monolithic software architectures […]

Exhibits and Investor Zone

FinTech startups, predominantly, are enterprise focused, their product works well when combined at a vantage point up or downstream of an existing value chain that’s already serviced by a bank or an insurance brand; while this model is seldom new, startups have a challenge in approaching multiple enterprise at once for forging deals. While last […]