9 things to do at #FZ17, a FinTech conclave

Fintegrate Zone 2017, a massive 3 day Financial Technology conclave at BSE that will be happening from the 1st to 3rd of March 2017. This conclave will bring together a variety of stakeholders from the FinTech community. Enterprising start-ups, brilliant entrepreneurs, resourceful venture capitalists and investors, innovative corporates and global community heads will gather under one […]

Imperatives to succeed in the #FinTech world

  Innovation in the banking and financial services is not limited to the incumbent leaders. Change is inevitable, and the incumbent has to embrace it. Increasingly, several banks / financial services companies opening accelerators, investment funds, innovation labs etc., globally. Whether it is for borrowing purposes (ie. P2P lending), financial planning (ie. Robo-Advising), buying stocks […]

#FintechCalling – Change makers collaborate to transform

#FintechCalling – Change makers collaborate to transform Robots are taking over our world bit by bit and soon Artificial Intelligence could surpass human intelligence. Blockchain could be the new trusted intermediaries while our now ‘smart’ phones could be obsolete in future. Despite technological advancements where we are slowly moving from product to platforms, customers continue […]