#FintechCalling – Change makers collaborate to transform

#FintechCalling – Change makers collaborate to transform

Robots are taking over our world bit by bit and soon Artificial Intelligence could surpass human intelligence. Blockchain could be the new trusted intermediaries while our now ‘smart’ phones could be obsolete in future. Despite technological advancements where we are slowly moving from product to platforms, customers continue to have basic financial needs, borrowing, spending, investing and protecting. Businesses that know how to use technology and innovate, will have a stronger competitive advantage. The rapid pace at which technology is advancing can be mind-boggling. FinTech creates opportunities for the BFSI sector to enhance product offerings, service delivery and scale down costs.

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India is witnessing a mighty surge in Financial Technology innovation, though along with it there is a need for collaboration and integration to see it through. At Fintegrate Zone 2017, we intend to address this need with a mighty explosion of #Finteresting ideas for the BFSI sector. Industry experts, leaders, visionaries and disrupters from the BFSI FinTech spectrum will gather under one roof to share their thoughts, innovations and expectations of the future in India. The who’s who of the FinTech realm will be present at this conclave from 1st to 3rd March 2017 at BSE, Mumbai.

“I believe that if you are quiet passionate about creating a disruption in the FinTech space this is the right time, because the entire ecosystem comprising of financial organisations and banks on one side and innovative and disruptive FinTechs on the other side, is forming now.”

Pravin Lal, Founder and CEO – Capital Quant Solutions

FinTech Trailblazers

The true disruption is evident in the Fintech world. With the shadows of note ban and demonetization lurking, the Indian Fintech ecosystem has seized this opportunity to the fullest. Basic functions of the BFSI sector such as payment mode, lending and bank transfers are seeing a drastic change in how technology has taken over. The first half of the year 2016 alone saw an equivalent amount of fund flow to Fintech start-ups as compared to the entire year of 2015.

Aid and assistance by the government too has proved to boost the FinTech domain, from the introduction of Aadhaar, where 1 billion Indians are biometrically authenticated, to one of its kind ‘Indiastack’, an open API technology available for developers. Disruptive thinkers in the Fintech domain are encashing on these digital developments.

Innovations like, Remitr, an outstanding money transfer platform making global transfers simple, quick & cost-effective are catching on. A once tedious process is turned into a hassle-free remittance experience and ensures security of money and information too. A Good Samaritan, an online lending platform FlexiLoans is solving problems of loan disbursal to the SME sector, 80% of whom face rejection due to inadequate financial history or collaterals. This technological platform is equipped to deliver seamless service, smooth application process, and reliable credit scoring and fraud detection. While the world is online S2Pay decides otherwise, yet another champion on the block, which enables lightning fast and secure digital payments even when you are offline. No internet or Wi-Fi needed. It has a two factor authentication system, encrypted PIN for each transaction and does not store any sensitive information. These are some of the startups you’ll get to meet and interact at Fintegrate Zone

Dialogue, Deliberate & Devise

Through Fintegrate Zone we aspire to build a powerhouse of researchers who are interested in developing FinTech in India. We intend to spark debates and encourage conversation that will stimulate ideas and thoughts to prosper.

Through workshops tech-visionaries like Primechain, iSpirit and Yodlee will aid and advice start-ups, developers and professionals to upskill themselves around the ever-evolving Fintech ecosystem. Discussions will revolve around the fundamentals and world of possibilities in the integration of Blockchain technology.

The endless prospects to drive a presence-less, cashless and paperless service delivery platform will be debated upon with the introduction to the protocol and tools to leverage IndiaStack. Deserving teams will grab the opportunity to leverage financial data from over 14,500 global sources and develop financial applications and solutions.

Start-ups, inventors and innovators will spontaneously network with business influencers and even showcase their products to a multitude of investors. From demonstrations to networking opportunities with industry heavyweights this conclave is bound to be ‘Finteresting’ indeed.

“We represent the Australian FinTech start-up community. We have over 110 different start-ups, hubs, accelerators and VC’s coming together to champion FinTech in Australia. We are really excited about Fintegrate Zone 2017 and waiting to see how Australian FinTech’s can connect with ____ systems all around the world.”

– Danielle Szetho, CEO FinTech Australia.

 Conferences contribute to powerful knowledge sharing, thus creating a learning environment where one is encouraged to exchange experiences, ideas and practices. You interact with entrepreneurs of similar interests, facing the same issues and sharing the same objectives. You never know, you may be introduced to your future mentor who guides you through to prosperity or a business partner or even an investor that spins your wacky idea into a successful and lucrative business.

This is an invitation to founders, open innovation researchers and tech communities around the globe, it is now time to let the world know about your Innovation.

Come be the Change Makers at fintegrate.zone



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