9 things to do at #FZ17, a FinTech conclave

Fintegrate Zone 2017, a massive 3 day Financial Technology conclave at BSE that will be happening from the 1st to 3rd of March 2017. This conclave will bring together a variety of stakeholders from the FinTech community.

Enterprising start-ups, brilliant entrepreneurs, resourceful venture capitalists and investors, innovative corporates and global community heads will gather under one roof. Fintegrate Zone will bring together these forerunners in a first-of-its kind multi-format Thought Leadership Conclave. These exciting 3 days will be filled with conferences, hackathons, innovation exhibits, CXO dinner and a demo night.

FinTech events can be bustling and overwhelming at times. You discover new technologies and mind-boggling innovations, you meet entrepreneurs and innovators who are in the same boat as you, some share the same struggles and some have surpassed these hurdles to success. We at Fintegrate Zone understand the requisites to operate a start-up, time and money being some of the most crucial factors. We respect your time invested in being a part of this gathering and hence want you to make the most of it at Fintegrate Zone 2017.

Here are some tips to keep in mind which will ensure your engagement here is fruitful.

  1. Be Prepared

Attending Fintegrate Zone 2017 is crucial to all stakeholders in the FinTech domain. It is an apt gathering of the who’s who of FinTech world that can directly influence your venture. One right connection can transform your business to the next level.

“When we participated in previous cohorts we established great partnerships there, like an e-KYC partnership we forged the last time around. There are a lot of cross learning opportunities which we figure out when we interact with other FinTech synergy players in a non-conflicting space.”

– Mr. Amit Sharda – Co-Founder of Fund Expert

To make way through this whirlwind successfully one needs to be aware, able and willing. Aware of your business goals and the possibilities with affiliations, able to deal and deliver on commitments made and willing to be open-minded to discuss and accept feedback both positive and constructive.

  1. Prioritize

Jot down your priorities from a business point of view. Is it to find ace your meeting at the Investor Circle? Catch up on what is new in Blockchain, API or India Stack and see how it can be applied? Or maybe find a business partner at the Exhibits? For instance, if your venture needs an investor then your attendance at the Investor Circle at the scheduled time is imperative for you. Ensure you plan your day out in a way that enough time is delegated to guarantee you are in the right place at the right time and each of the listed priority tasks can be accomplished. Check the agenda and make your priority list

  1. Right Approach

A little bit of research on the web can go a long way. Take some time out to study details about the participant speakers, investors, technology partners, entrepreneurs and workshop topics. All the details you need are available here < http://fintegrate.zone/index.html#fintech >. You can economize your time spent if you are able to identify and associate with a list of people whom you must connect with and workshops you must attend. If, your current product or ideas can be enhanced with the use of technology like Blockchain then the workshop conducted by Primechain is a must. Similarly, fraternizing with specific individuals in the similar line of business like our esteemed resource person Mr. Karthik Iyer, India Ambassador, P2P Foundation, can additionally help. You could strike up a relevant conversation, which will eliminate small talk and establish a productive discussion.

  1. Social Media Connections

Use social media to your advantage. Visit the Fintegrate Zone’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages, go through the list of attendees and connect with the relevant people. You never know, an interested investor or potential business partner could identify and shortlist your venture on their to-meet-list as well. Join the conversation with hashtag #FZ17 on Twitter

  1. Update and Upskill

Knowledge is the key. Collect as much information as you can firstly about your competition, their advantages, disadvantages, progress and potential. Then about prospective partners in the finance or technological domain and evaluate how a collaboration between them and your venture could be path-breaking. And finally about investors at the Investor Circle. What excites them, their past investments and whether you meet their mandates or criteria’s? Contemplate on why they should look at your idea or venture as a constructive and productive investment?

If you have signed up for the  workshops, then there no better way to upskill yourself in Blockchain, APIs and IndiStack.

  1. Elevator Pitch

You often may have heard of the essentials of an elevator pitch. Ensure you have your enticing pitch ready and memorised. This pitch is relevant to a variety of individuals, whether you are introducing your business idea or venture to an investor, a mentor or a potential partner. Be prepared for Day 2 at the CXO Dinner where you will have the opportunity to meet CEOs, CDOs, CTOs, founders, innovation heads, and a host of other senior business leaders. An interesting introduction makes way for fruitful conversations. Here’s our smart tip on elevator pitch, make it relevant to the person lisntening to your pitch by drawing parallels or by giving an simple analogy.

  1. Right Lingo

If you do your share of research on the attendees, you will be familiar with the individuals with whom you may have to discuss your plans. So if you are introducing your venture or presenting your venture on Demo Night, your knowledge of what the audience, filled with VCs, Angel Investors, Industry experts and Fintech founders, wants to hear can help you tweak your sales talk to capture their undivided attention. One way to map out fellow atendees is by observing who’s tweeting from the venu using #FZ17

  1. Be Present Be Seen

Promotion and creating awareness is what marketing is all about. Use social media updates, like Twitter or Facebook with the official hashtag handle #FZ17 to inform attending associates of your presence. Move out of your designated booth. If you have a team, share your goal with them and let them fan-out and socialize. Let them pitch, give demos or even merely converse with stakeholders. There is a likelihood you may not find these contacts fruitful today but they could introduce you to your collaborators in future.

  1. Join The Conversation

 You are a part of the exuberant FinTech world. There is an equal amount of buzz both online and off-line. Live Twitter feeds, Facebook check-in and updates, tech community conversation and more. Make sure you are visibly a part of the ongoing conversation. Use the event hashtag #FZ17, share pictures of your product, booth or demo and maximise on this opportunity to promote your product or idea to FinTech community at large. This is your opportunity to connect and convert.

Every opportunity at a conclave can be either conclusive or constructive. With conclusive we mean ensuring your invested time and money bears fruit by bringing in positive outcomes. While by constructive we refer to the insight and learnings one receives when brilliant minds get together to share their knowledge and observations. We hope each stakeholder makes the most of this opportunity at Fintegrate Zone 2017 to devise and discern the future of India’s FinTech world.

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