Fintegrate Zone in 2018

Whether it is the WhatsApp Pay or the RBI panel on data protection law among FinTech companies, FinTech has made rapid progress in the last one year. And the Fintegrate Zone 2018 has been a part of this process.


Last year Fintegrate Zone gave a glimpse into how innovators are using new technologies like artificial intelligence and building on the so-called India stack of Aadhaar and UPI. The panel of judges had senior executives from top banks like HDFC and ICICI, as well as corporates like IBM and Capgemini, and not just VCs and mentors. It shows a new interest in engaging with startups even if they are out to disrupt traditional systems.


The conference main stage at Fintegrate Zone 2017 comprised of 9 tracks ranging across banking, insurance, financial services, financial markets, financial technologies, financial inclusion, women in FinTech, FinTech investors and corporates. Industry leaders across these 9 verticals came together to share some of the best practices and tell us what’s next in India’s FinTech growth story. Over 300 people participated across the multiple tracks of the conference.


Among other workshops, the iSPIRIT team provided insight into the Government of India’s ambitious digital infrastructure projects under the Indiastack brand name, including e-KYC, e-Sign, Digital Locker and Universal Payment Infrastructure (UPI) amongst others.


This year, Fintegrate 2018 is bigger and better. As the sheer numbers indicate, Fintegrate is set to cross another milestone in India’s FinTech evolution. As against last year’s 9 tracks, there are going to be 19 tracks this year with more than 100 speakers. With a total revenue linked contracts worth 7.7 crores with five countries in 2017, this year holds a greater promise with more than 1000 attendees and visitors from seven countries.


Fintegrate Zone 2018 also promises a deep discussion on the future and scope of FinTech with discussions ranging from financial inclusion to the needs of digital natives, banking, regulation, lending, insurance, payment ecosystems, blockchain, cryptocurrencies to role of AI and robotics in FinTech.


Government’s role with Aadhar, BHIM, UPI and the policy of demonetisation has given an urgent push to cashless economy. The complex payment ecosystem and the myriad incentives of cashbacks, redeemable points and discount coupons have catered to the need for instant gratification among the digital natives, making them ready customers to FinTech. The advances in blockchain will help to secure data and maintain public ledgers that will provide the necessary transparency in a digital economy.


Advances in FinTech have rendered all field in finance as liable to adapt to advancements in technology. Whether it is data collection through IoT and wearables in insurance, or the robo-advisors for wealth management in banking, all fields have taken to FinTech.


Fintegrate zone 2018 will look towards to these niche fields as well as discuss the general environment and receptivity of the reigning demographic dividend in India.


So, be a part of this epic moment in India’s FinTech evolution. Register here.



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