How to get most out of a FinTech conclave like Fintegrate Zone?

As we gear up to go live on the second edition of Fintegrate Zone, here’s a note on how to make the best out of the countries conclave which bring together cutting edge Fintech startups, large corporates, visionary entreprenuers, acclaimed subject matter experts, prolific investors, and tech enthusiansts.

 Whether you are a corporate honcho coming to attend our invite only CXO dinner or a startup at an idea stage, Fintegrate Zone has the answers, provided you ask the right questions. 

 Conclaves are more than just attending workshops and seminars, it is more about connecting with right minded people, from meeting your potential co-founder to next round of investor, many awesome thing can happen at Fintegrate Zone 2018.

 Here’s how to make the best of it:


A little bit of preparation won’t hurt:

Our second edition of  Fintegrate Zone boasts of carefully handpicked speakers. Spend some time researching the speakers who will be sharing their experiences. Look up their fields of expertise, their accomplishments and their stories. Frame intelligent questions based on the information of the talk provided to you. Try and understand the audience that will be joining you, and how best to approach them. Also ensure that you have a fair idea of the concepts that are to be discussed before you enter the seminar hall. All of this information is available on the Fintegrate Zone website, so you don’t even have to look far and wide.


Make meaningful connections:

During networking sessions, people often make the mistake of trying to talk to everybody to maximize their chances of networking. At a conference as huge in scale as FZ 18 this often does not work, because people are not interested in working with you unless you take time out to have a meaningful conversation with them. Therefore, you should know who you want to interact with, and spend quality time in making connections with them. Perhaps, if you are an entrepreneur looking for co-founders or collaboration, do look out for fellow participants, or if seeking investors, we have the investor zone for pre-selected attendees.


Meet the startups at F50:

Whether you are a corporate honcho looking to work with the brightest minds in the business, or a fellow entrepreneur looking to interact with your peers, F50 is the place to be. This section showcases the top 50 startups in FinTech – what their goals are and how they can revolutionize the industry. You can talk to them about their endeavours, share your own ideas and find meaningful collaborations. We would ask you not to just go around distributing a bunch of business cards, though. Honest conversations are far more effective, and you can gain new insight.


Shake a leg at the CXO dinner:

Have you been invited to the prestigious CXO dinner happening on the day of Fintegrate Zone? Well if you have then suit up, because you are about to meet the men who matter in the BFSI and FinTech industry. Get a chance to meet the men and women calling the shots, interact with them about their businesses and yours, and maybe take a leaf out of their books to find greater success in your ventures. Whatever your intentions, making a statement in that room will go a long way in shaping your FinTech career.


Talks and workshops:

Fintegrate Zone 2018 is India’s largest FinTech conclave with 50 exhibits, over a 100 speakers, more than 25 investors there’s three full days of premium content to listen and learn. If you are keen to try something hands on, sign up for one of the workshops conducted by subject matter experts, who’ll expose you to newer technologies and industry best practices.


Getting there:

The Fintegrate Zone Conclave 2018 will be held at the iconic Bombay Stock Exchange, located at Dalal street and CXO dinner at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, both are located in south Mumbai. If you are arriving from outside of Mumbai, then plan to arrive a day earlier than 27th of February and take a walk on the promenade overlooking the majestic Gateway of India, and make yourself comfortable with the bylanes of India’s financial capital. 


You can book your seats here or take a look at further details at or follow them on social media with the hash tag #FZ18.

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