Exhibits and Investor Zone

FinTech startups, predominantly, are enterprise focused, their product works well when combined at a vantage point up or downstream of an existing value chain that’s already serviced by a bank or an insurance brand; while this model is seldom new, startups have a challenge in approaching multiple enterprise at once for forging deals.

While last edition of Fintegrate Zone had a B2B zone for startups to interact with corporates and explore POCs among other avenues, this year we are taking the approach to a whole new level to have matchmaking at granular level.

Fintegrate Zone 2018 has a three-pronged approach to increase efficiency in networking and exploring synergies among the stakeholders participating. First, we are continuing the tradition of B2B zone, where startups for having focused 1:1 meetings with large corporates that they have been targeting at in the BFSI sector.

Two, Investor Zone is for FinTech startups who are keen to meet angel and institutional investors and pitch their fundraising requirements. Third, the newly added ‘Showcase Zone’ for innovative startups to demonstrate their products or services across three days of the conclave in multiple format – in person demo, on stage pitch or audio visual content

What’s in it for everyone?

If you are a FinTech startup, we recommend you come wearing comfortable shoes! Because there are over 25 investors and 30 corporates as confirmed delegates. In 2017, interactions from B2B Zone resulted in 13 successful POCs and 3 large customer contracts for the startups.

Gradatim, an emerging player in ‘On Demand’ cloud insurance and banking systems received a contract worth 7.5 Cr from a leading financial services company. According to the founder, Mr. Prakash Viswanathan, direct interactions helped the company in securing the biggest ever contract as well as a strong pipeline of potential customers.

The all new Showcase Zone

Thousand best minds from the BFSI industry are gathering under one iconic roof of Bombay Stock Exchange, the place that transforms businesses into corporations, and the Showcase Zone is your best bet to reach’em all.

B2B with 1:1 interactions

Fintegrate takes a step forward in B2B meetings. Unlike other places where startups only showcase their work, at Fintegrate they get a chance to meet investors in 1:1 meetings. This gives them a chance to spend quality time with the decision makers of a company. Last year startups met with major BFSI players in the industry including the likes of Axis Bank, HDFC Bank among others. These meetings resulted in 13 successful POC’s and 3 large customer contracts. This year the value addition is going to be bigger with more than 300 B2B meeting.

Investor Zone for niche requirements

If you are looking for a specific kind of investment to achieve the next milestone for your startup, then Investor Zones are specially customised for such requirements. Investor Zone will have scheduled meeting of 20 VCs with 25 pre-screened FinTech startups. Each meeting is targeted to a particular theme which means that the VC and the startup will focus on the urgent need at hand.

We have four innovative means of showcasing your startup to delegates of #FZ18, you can opt to use a powerful ten minutes on main stage to do a talk, increase frequency with repeat exposure by playing a five-minute video ten times a day at the F50 exhibit area, or amplify your video by playing a three-minute video in between power packed sessions. Or simply select a booth with private access to top CXOs at the exclusive CXO dinner.

F50 is analogous to a bridge between the innovators and the investors. Some major venture capitalists like Mayfield, Matrix and India Angel Networks are going to be there. Often the investors make handshake deals with startups. This is a great opportunity for both parties as startups need support, and the investors need safe and promising venues.

It brings the multiple stakeholders of FinTech under one roof, creating a rare opportunity for all. The interactions are assisted due to the prior planning and prove beneficial to both- innovators and investors.


The historic Bombay Stock Exchange will witness another milestone at F50. From 27th February to 1st March, it will witness a meeting of minds and aspirations at the F50 zone at Fintegrate Zone 2018.

You can be a part of this historic movement by registering here.



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