Can ‘Ok Google’ Save Your Life?

Computing power has grown exponentially in the last decade, unprecedented quantum of data is generated in each passing second, and some of the big boys of technology are already leveraging this to make people’s lives better by redefining how we communicate (chatbots, Spam filter), how we travel (GPS, self-driving cars), how we live and heal […]

A Banyan Tree Called FinTech 2.0

Most people hear FinTech and think about the latest mobile app which can help them pay for their shoes or meals without paying liquid cash. But FinTech has a long history, and a sequential story of evolution. It all started with a debit card. Then ATMs replaced tellers and people started queuing up at the […]

The Symbiotic Relationship between Corporates and Startups Innovation

Every time you reload the web browser, there’s something new about cryptocurrency. The highly dynamic and virtual currencies of the digital era are driving volatility in wealth creation and creating billionaires out of nerdy computer programmers. While there’s only a handful of such billionaire ‘whales’ out there in the world, the story of cryptocurrency, BlockChain […]